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Why Bible VR?

For a lot of people who have not had the experience of living in the Holy Land, the basis of reading the Bible and understanding where the events took place happens purely by imagination. Pictures and Videos are available all over the internet, but what is it really like to experience the Holy Land yourself?

There are many reasons why people cannot visit the Holy Land. Finance may be top of the list, but safety is another reason. With more unrest happening in Israel due to wars and other civil conflicts, traveling to the Holy Land can be very hard.

That's what we created Bible VR for. Bible VR is the largest collection of live action VR Experiences that lets you explore the Holy Land just as if you were there. Use VR Goggles to get the full immersion effect and understand the context of your Bible a thousand times better.

Most people find that retaining context in the Bible is heightened when they have something physical, visual and auditory to relate to. VR 360 allows all three experiences to happen at once. Reading about the birth of Jesus Christ and being at the Church in Bethlehem that marks the spot where he was born not only gives you context but it gives a grounding of the reality behind one of the Holiest events in Human History.

To see it for real, to experience it for real, that gives you a grounding to your faith. You're able to say 'I was there', your beliefs and faith has seen truth. It has seen where things happened in history, and importantly that IT DID happen! That's what we mean by grounding, you're no longer flying in faith, but you're physically walking together with the Word!

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