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Thank you Bible VR Members!

He waited for 362 days, living in poverty with no access to basic necessities of life. But Bible VR Subscribers help save this child as their proceeds goes towards helping him have access to Medical Checkups, Nutritious Good, Health and Hygiene Training, Educational Assistant, and other services like surgeries and disaster relief. And he will continue to get support from us as long as we are still breathing!

But what is EVEN more important is that he will have mentoring to help him discover his incredible value as God’s child. He will hear about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God.

If you want to send Carlos a letter, you can e-mail him at We will post his replies (may take up to 10 days) as we get them from him.

That is what Bible VR is about. Helping spread and the message and helping those who are in need. Bible VR subscribers know that a portion of their proceeds go to help a Child and support their Church.

Next month, we will sponsor another Child with your proceeds and build up a growing library of Children to save! Each Child will be able to communicate with you, pray with you as we are working on adding new functionality to our app that allows them to communicate with all our subscribers!

Let’s come together and continue making the world a better place!

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