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Bible-VR: The First in the World to Bring the Bible in 3D Virtual Reality

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif., June 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Bible-VR announces the launch of an all-new smartphone application that brings the stories of the Bible in 3D virtual reality. It works with VR headsets like Google Cardboard. Imagine the feeling of walking in the manger during the birth of Jesus, or being next to the Hebrews, as they cross the Red Sea with walls of water menacingly close while being chased by the vengeful Pharaoh's chariots.

"People of faith can come to and view different sermons from church partners from all over the United States. Imagine participating in different prayer rooms, or traveling via 3D reality to the great places of the Bible." is going to be the first company to offer 3D virtual content from the stories of the Bible. The shots done are going to consist of both short stories and motion pictures. Filming has already begun in Morocco and Israel as these locations provide some of the best environmental and historical accuracies to the context of the Bible. The purpose is to create realistic 3D simulations and perceptions of the Bible in the lands where it happened.

According to Pearry Teo, "I started a faith-based focus on my movie work and wanted to bring the stories of the Bible to life in a way that would not only interest the children but the younger adult generation who have grown up in the tech age."

About Bible VR: Bible is a company that creates faith-based content via virtual reality tech for both education and entertainment which allows the user to experience events instead of just reading them. Users will be able actually to feel and see the parting of the red sea, or the fall of Jericho instead of just imagining it or seeing 2D renditions on screen. You will be able to explore the holy land during a time when the Israelites had just settled in or were skirmishing with Canaanite tribes and see the rise of David and Solomon. The VR platform also allows for spiritual growth with the allocation of prayer rooms and meditation in the event the user would like to have alone time with their creator.

For more information on 3D virtual reality in your house of worship or our mobile app, please visit

Contact Person: Michael Montoya, Head of Marketing, Bible-VR

Contact Phone Number: 310-730-8782

Contact Address: Email


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