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It all started - with an idea. An idea to bring the Bible into the 21st Century, to share the message in a new ways. Utilizing the most advanced technology in Virtual Reality 360, we embarked on a journey and expedition into The Holy Land. Our vision - To bring back and allow you to explore the worlds of Israel, Egypt, Jordan and other Holy Places right inside your Bible. Never before can you be so close to the Word and to experience where it all happened. Where it all began.




Using Technology for Education and Fun

Using VR technology is more than just a gimmick. Here at Bible VR, we create content to help you discover and learn about the worlds in the Bible. Meet pastors, biblical scholars and tour guides as they take you around to teach you about the locations, it's history and traditions. And with VR technology, you don't have to feel like you're in class anymore, experience what it is like to be there yourself!


News way to connect with the Bible

Discovery is one of the foundations for creating Bible VR. We believe that there is so much to discover about the Bible and it's rich history and tradition. VR as a discover tool helps ground your faith as the Bible becomes more than just a book of stories and morals, you get to experience the world as it is like, the truth behind the words and its significance in today's world.


The world is at your fingertips

Now you do not have to spend thousands of dollars for a few days trip to The Holy Land, let us bring the Holy Land to you. Explore at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. Feel safe in the comfort of your own home while opening your eyes to new sights, locations and experiences. 

Who we are



We are proud to announce our collaboration with the following companies in delivering the most advanced and up to date content with you. We’re working together to change the world!

Our Partners

If you’re needing help with VR, questions about our app or want to integrate your Church or Sunday School program with us, we want to hear from you.


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